DRAFT ACLM Position Description

Senior Director of Communications and Marketing

Our client, ACLM, is the leading professional medical association in the world devoted to advancing the mission of lifestyle medicine for physicians, medical professionals, allied health professionals and those with professional careers devoted to advancing the mission of lifestyle medicine.

Lifestyle Medicine involves the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches, such as a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substance use, and other non-drug modalities, to prevent, treat, and, oftentimes, reverse the lifestyle-related, chronic disease that’s all too prevalent.

About this full-time position.  The new Senior Director of Communications & Marketing will report directly to the Executive Director, who is based in St. Louis. In her own words, here’s what she said about this crucial position:

We need to bring onboard a fire cracker marketing / communications / social media expert.

The gaping hole is someone at my level (or, ideally, better) on the communications, marketing, PR and social media front—-a senior level marketing / communications / media expert who can step in and design and execute a strategy, in an on-going proactive and reactive manner.

And, as is always the case, skill set is important, with passion for the cause being equally important.

About that last line. Why is “passion for the cause” so important? Because, without that passion,  it would be difficult to effortlessly and genuinely promote the global enthusiasm for lifestyle medicine that this fine organization deserves. Since nutrition is the single most important “lifestyle” factor when it comes to reversing chronic disease, it is likely that the successful candidate for this position will already be eating a diet consisting of mostly whole plants. We call it a whole food, plant-based way of eating (WFPB).

Our client doesn’t call it vegan because the strict avoidance of all animal-based foods does not necessarily define a health-promoting diet.

Location–A Huge Plus. The successful candidate will be able to work out of her/his home or local office wherever she/he is living now–and will not need to relocate.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Ongoing strategic planning for promoting the ACLM brand and services on the world stage
  • Brand management and continuous brand and image enhancement
  • Leveraging the power of the world’s mainstream media for maximum exposure
  • Routine travel to conferences and seminars
  • Hands-on management of social media
  • Managing a schedule, meeting deadlines and keeping all relevant parties in the loop.

For more information on this fabulous organization, visit the ACLM website at lifestylemedicine.org

The successful candidate will be a highly energetic, self-starting entrepreneurial type of individual who enjoys a challenge. She/he will probably have experience as a Director of Communications, PR and/or social media and will have a proven track record. Obviously, communications skills (verbal, written and video) are important as is a high degree of “tech” savvy with computers, websites, YouTube, etc. The successful candidate will also have superb references.

Rare Career Opportunity. The successful candidate will definitely be able to “make difference” on the world stage–not only in promoting health for humans, but also the health of the ecosystem that supports all life on planet Earth. That’s because the production and distribution processes of plant-based foods are far superior to animal-based foods when it comes to nurturing our fragile environment.

About ACLM. Here’s what a very well-known physician and member of the ACLM Board of Advisors had to say about this world-class organization.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine is the leading organization for health care professionals who are interested in studying and learning more about providing lifestyle interventions to treat and prevent the most common chronic diseases. In 2014, 86% of the $3.0 trillion spent on health care costs in the U.S. was to treat chronic diseases that can often be prevented and even reversed by making comprehensive lifestyle changes.

Dean Ornish, MD

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