Finding a Job is Not Rocket Science

Albert Einstein

Welcome to our Special Section which was prepared to help people like you find that ideal position.

Like all other search firms, we frequently are contacted by “Job Seekers” such as yourself. I was a Job Seeker not too long ago and have a pretty good idea what you are going through.  And we at The Ansley Consulting Group would like to help. Unfortunately, we do not get paid anything for helping you. We get paid by our clients to seek out the absolute best-qualified people for very specific positions defined by a very strict set of criteria. The chances that you will exactly fit one of the ten or twelve searches we might be working on at any given time is almost nil…but we do want to try to help you…so scroll on down…

We Really Would Like to Help

All of us “headhunters” (executive search consultants) are quite familiar with the overall process of the job search/selection & hiring of executives in the workplace.  So, rather than be rude to you like most search firms will probably be, we decided to take a little time to consolidate all of our best thinking on the subject and put it in a special place on our web page. The idea here is to share with you things that we have learned over the years that might help you get the most out of your time over the next few months as you plan the next step in your career.

We hope that you will benefit from what we have put together and will find that dream job real soon. Hopefully in this JobSeekers section, we can help you answer some of the following questions?

  1. What kind of help can I expect to get from the “Headhunters” of the world?
  2. How should I approach “executive search firms”?…that’s what we like to be called.
  3. What is the best format for my resume?
  4. Why should I never send out a resume in response to an ad?
  5. How can I be reasonably sure that I will find the right job for me?
  6. How should I prepare for an interview?
  7. What should I do following the interview?

Let us know if this was helpful and be sure to let us know where you land in your next position. Who knows, if we can help you now, you might want to hire us to do some search work for you sometime in the future.

Best of luck to you as your career moves forward. Please move on to “Free Advice.”

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