About Us

A Generalist Executive Search Firm Whose Success Is Built On Solid Client Relationships Across Many Industries

1.   We Specialize in Senior Level Retained Executive Search. Typically beginning at the Director level within most organizations; our searches normally involve executives with starting base salaries in the $100k to $500k range.

2.  We recruit across all functions in a wide range of industries.  As our clients move to different companies or different industries, we work hard to maintain our relationship and continue to deliver quality services in the new environment.  These relationships have led us to successful engagements in the industrial, technology, consulting, banking and many other sectors.

3.  Our firm consists of four senior executive search consultants with broad functional and industry backgrounds.

4.  A Summary of Our Collective Executive Search Experience.  We have successfully recruited a wide variety of management positions, including CEO, President, CFO, CIO, VP of Marketing ,VP of Sales, VP of Distribution, General Manager, VP of HR, VP of Merchandising, VP of Operations, Director of Product Development, VP Controller, Director of Finance, Director of Licensing, Creative Director, VP Customer Service, General Manager-Catalog, and VP of Design & Construction.  We have also recruited for several technology-focused positions at both the managerial as well as the technically skilled ranks.

5.  We prefer to work on a fixed-fee for our search assignments. We like the fixed-fee arrangement because it puts us on the same side of the table with our clients from the very beginning.  If we charged the industry standard one-third, we would get rewarded for helping our client spend more money…just doesn’t seem right to us.

6.  We like to move quickly and keep things simple at Ansley Consulting.  We approach every assignment with a sense of urgency, we assign at least two consultants to each search, we deliver our first candidates in less than one month, we communicate often, and we take the cultural fit issue seriously.  Finally, we always strive to keep our client’s best interests foremost in our minds.

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